• No-Fuss Recitals

    Our yearly dance recital is an opportunity for students to showcase their talents for family and friends.  Sometimes for parents, this means a great deal of preparation, planning, and headache.  Our recitals are expertly organized, giving parents the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

    No-Fuss Recitals
  • Benefits of Karate

    Enrolling your child in karate can be a difficult decision; however, karate has a number of benefits.  It not only teaches socialization and self-discipline, but karate also is a fun way to incorporate fitness and focus into your child’s daily routine.  Also, karate enforces concentration skills and can help improve behavior and grades.

    Benefits of Karate
  • Summer Schedule and Camps are Posted!

    Check out our class schedule page in either dance or karate to see our summer classes and camps for 2014!  We will be offering Musical Theater camp again as well as a variety of daytime and evening classes.

    Summer Schedule and Camps are Posted!

Thank you Miss Carly and Mrs. Jessica for all your dedication, time, and patience!  I am one proud momma!

–Keila Alexander, Part of our family since 2008

Marcelle just loves you! She turned to me during stage rehearsal and said, “Mrs. Jessica’s really something, isn’t she?!” High praise from a shy child who rarely gives compliments. You have helped her come out of her shell so much and I can’t thank you enough.

–Jodi LaFranca, Part of our family since 2009

The recital was flawless. The opening number should be on Broadway. Great job!

–Joni Lastrapes, Part of our family since 2006

The recital was awesome! My family and friends all commented on how well the show ran and how much fun it was to watch. It keeps getting better each year! Thank you and your teachers for all of your time and dedication to my little dancer. We both think Lakeview Creative Arts is absolutely the BEST dancing school for Hannah!

–Jeannie Lillis, Part of our family since 2006





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  1. Courtney Dini on said:

    Ages for gymnastics for boys?

    • Courtney, boys can join as young as 5 years old in our Level program. Boys younger than 5 can join our preschool tumble class on Mondays from 4-4:30. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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