Belt Promotions

Belt Promotions are held every month during student’s class time, generally towards the end of the month. During the months of January, April, July, and October a formal belt ceremony is held at a gymnasium where students are formally invited to test based on their ability to demonstrate proficiency in skill sets mandated by belt rank.  Skill sets may include form, board breaking, and Nunchuck forms.

Students eligibility will be symbolized by earning 4 stripes (red, blue, black, white) on their belt in order to test. This custom should not be interpreted as a sign of promotion; rather it signifies that the practitioner is sufficiently familiar with their techniques so that they may practice them correctly on their own. Students may feel that they cannot correctly demonstrate their belt curriculum in the required amount of time. This is NATURAL. Techniques taught to each student should be reviewed and practiced continuously.

Students learn at different paces. Students should not feel like they are behind; rather, how they are simply learning how to properly execute a technique in correct form which takes time. Every belt is a new challenge – A new journey. It should be noted that promotion testing is at the student’s discretion – there is no pressure exerted by the teaching staff to advance in rank; students may proceed at their own pace. Once a student earns all 4 stripes, he/she will be invited to test either in class or a formal ceremony.

At the belt test held every 3 months, students will be testing in front of a panel masters and instructors. The student should understand that it is an honor to be invited to demonstrate their hard-earned skills before many masters and must prepare accordingly to test with dignity and confidence. In the end, perseverance will triumph and a sense of achievement will be realized. This is the mindset that should be practiced throughout the years as a color belt.