Class Descriptions

Dance Class Program Descriptions
We offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Ballet/Tap Combo Classes for Toddlers, Stretch & Strength, Competitive Programs, and Private Lessons.

Creative Movement: Ages 12 months to 2 years

Creative Movement is a fun class for those just learning to walk, run, and jump.  This class is a great introduction for students just developing their coordination.  The students come for 30 minutes per week and participate in a half hour various movement exercises using ballet and tap shoes.  The teacher guides students in developing balance, technique, and listening skills.

Ballet / Tap for Pre-Schoolers: Ages 2 years to 5 years

Ballet/Tap for our Pre-School age students is an independent and fun class for up and coming dancers.  This class is a great introduction for students just developing their coordination.  The students come for 45 minutes per week and participate in ballet and tap instruction.  The teacher guides students in developing balance, technique, and listening skills as well as introducing them to the fundamental vocabulary of dance – all through imaginative play, games, and rewards.

Dancing Divas: Ages 5 years to 8 yearsIMG_4947

Dancing Divas builds upon Ballet / Tap for Pre-Schoolers to continue a student’s basis in ballet and tap as well as introducing jazz styles. This is a fun class that introduces the next level of technique to both beginner dancers and those who have successfully completed the pre-school program.  This combination class is the best way for students to be exposed to three different dance styles in a one hour and fifteen minute class.

Pre-Teen Tap/Jazz/Lyrical Combo Class: Ages 8 years to 11 Years

Jazz is a structured discipline of dance that utilizes a ballet base with an upbeat tempo.  This style can be seen in shows such as Step it Up! and on Broadway.  Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques using motion to express emotion and tell a story to slower music.  Tap develops rhythm and synchronization working with “musical shoes.”  Our Pre-Teen combo class is an introduction to lyrical and a continuance of the jazz techniques learned in Dancing Divas.  Beginner dancers also enjoy the methods and content of this class — it really is a class for all levels!

Teen Tap/Jazz/Lyrical Combo Class: Ages 12 years and up

Our Teen combo class is a continuation of the skills learned in the Pre-Teen program; however, it is not necessary to complete the Pre-Teen program to enroll.  This class caters to the maturity of a teenager, allowing them the independence to explore jazz, lyrical, and tap styles in a fun and encouraging environment.   

Hip Hop: Ages 3 years and Up

Hip Hop is a high energy, street style of dance.  Hip Hop dance can be seen in music videos such as Beyonce’, Usher, Rihanna, and television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance.   Hip Hop is one of our most popular classes in the school and is taken by a wide range of ages and abilities.   Music and costuming is always kept clean and age-appropriate.  Ages 3 to 7 take our Beginner Hip Hop program, and older students can enroll in our Pre-Teen or Teen Hip Hop programs.

IMG_4313Ballet Class: Ages 8 years and Up

Ballet class is the basis of all forms of dance.  It is the most important style of dance to study because it can lead to excellence in all other dance styles.  In this class, students work on grace, placement, and precision in movement to attain technical ability.  We offer ballet classes for students age 8 and older in our Ballet Level 1 and 2 classes.   For younger students, we offer ballet in combination with tap classes.  See Ballet / Tap for Pre-School or Dancing Divas for more information. 

 Cheer Class: Ages 5 years to 12 Years

Cheerleading offers the opportunity for kids to develop more self-reliance and self-confidence on an individual level while stressing the importance of teamwork within a squad.  This class incorporates the fundamentals of cheering — arm movements, jumps, and a variety of cheers and chants that incorporate these skills.  This class is taught in combination with our tumbling program.

Stretch and Strength: Ages 6 and Up

A great non-recital class that focuses on strengthening core muscles, improving flexibility, and developing strong dancers.  This class is encouraged for anyone ages 6 and older as well as our Gymnastics students.

Private Lessons: Ages 5 years and Up

Private lessons are a great option for any dancer interested in quickly progressing.  Once scheduled, one of our teachers will guide you personally to become a better dancer, technician, and performer.  Private lessons are available in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1 hour increments.  Please call the office or email for more information.

Competitive Classes: Ages 4 and up

Competitive Classes are available by invitation and through an audition process during the summer.  Click HERE for more information.

For information on our Musical Theater classes or our Acrobatic/Gymnastics classes, please click the tabs above associated with those programs.