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We currently offer a variety of gymnastics classes for the beginner acrobat as well as the more advanced tumbler.  Our lessons focus heavily on the acrobatic viewpoint, where flexibility and contortionist skills are developed.  We also teach cheerleading classes for those who want to learn tumbling in combination with cheerleading skills.

Preschool Gymnastics: focuses on basic skills for the young, beginner gymnast (ages 3-5)

Acrobatics/Gymnastics 1-3: Focuses on beginner skills, transitions, and passes.  We also study acrobatic skills, flexibility skills, and combine acrobatics with tumbling skills.

Acrobatics/Gymnastics 4-6: Builds upon skills learned in Acrobatics/Gymnastics 1-3 but also introduces hands-free inversion skills such as side and front aerials, back and front handsprings, front and back tucks and more.  Check out the video below of our advanced gymnasts skills: