Taekwondo students will be given one free uniform at the time of registration. We require all our students to wear the studio-issued uniform, which comes complete with a white belt. Students can buy and wear TaeKwondo studio-issued black t-shirt in place of their white jacket.

For students that prefer to wear their white jacket, the following rules apply to what may be worn under the white jacket.  Boys may wear either Taekwondo black t-shirt, plain white t-shirt or no shirt under their white jacket.  Girls may wear either Taekwondo black t-shirt or plain white t-shirt under their white jacket.

Uniforms should be kept free of stains and should be clean when coming to class. Students should not play outside or go out to eat in their uniform. Uniforms are only to be worn inside the Do Jang (training area). Hair should be pulled back and away from face. No shoes or socks are worn during class. Belts should be tied appropriately. Once a student reaches green belt, student should be able to tie their belt correctly without instructors help. Please ask your instructor for assistance in tying your belt until you can do it yourself.

The correct uniform should look like this: